Tuesday, January 12

Mummy Cling

I had to have a little chuckle today when I read that cling wrap (Suran, Glad Wrap, Cling Film) could be dangerous for wrapping foods because of the plastics that are used to make it. The pictures of wrapped steak looked so good and familiar.

How is it for sweaty bodies?

Tuesday, December 29

Not Much

Not a great deal has happened over the last few months. I'm hoping that will change in the near future.

I had a few clients, but nothing of a really personal nature, so I didn't feel the need to write.

The next few months will see me travelling extensively, so hopefully a little bit of a chance for some racey encounters.

Tuesday, March 24

YumCha - CumCha

Over the last couple of months they have been a few interludes of the kinky kind, but none that were worthy of being written about.

This weekend however, Mr. Wrong was in town, so I’m now having trouble climbing stairs and keep grinning like an idiot.

He arrived on Friday afternoon and straight away the magic was back. We had silly music in the car, the conversations that start off clean but soon digress into pure porn and the touching of hands to thigh while I drove. I’m actually surprised that we actually made it to Hellfire, but then that was the event he’d come down for.

We did a few ‘nilla things that folks do when they are away for the weekend. Had yum cha with a friend, watched a movie, went wine tasting and fixed one of my dining room chairs. Mr. Wrong is very handy, and I’m not just talking DIY.

We also got up to allsorts of wrongness that felt ohh so right.

He dressed in latex catsuit, ballet boots, gloves and gasmask, lay on the bed and then I teased him until he couldn’t hold back anymore. It took a while getting there and for a dominant man, he did very well. I enjoyed the fell of him dressed in full latex, while I started in a mini T and shorts, having just had a shower. I needed another shower once we’d finished.

The next night we were both a bit knackered after the excess of the previous evening and a very full day, but still we ended up in situation that will make us both giggle for a while. Just before going to bed, I felt the need to give him a big kiss, but outside in the fresh air, as it was such a lovely night. We ended up have sex in the car like a pair of 17 year old hiding from our parents. It was, I have to say, awesome! It’s really quite amazing the positions you can get into in the back seat of a Subaru Outback.

The last night we really were both exhausted having spent the day driving to the Hunter Valley and back. At 10pm we decided to call it a night and behave ourselves. We both climbed into bed and turned to each other and started chatting (it’s what we do, loads of chat), after about ten minutes, he asked, ‘have you ever just laid down in your latex?’

My answer was no, and we were both out of bed and dressing in catsuits, etc before I’d even finished saying it. Needless to say, we didn’t just lie down and at one point I even ended up cuffed to the St. Andrew Cross.

The day he was to travel home, came too soon. I’d taken the day off work and we spent the morning doing a latex photo shoot. I was dressed in latex; he was in jeans and a t-shirt. All was going well, until he asked me to lie down on a white fluffy background and then straddled me to get a close up. Before we knew it he was starkers and I was in doggie pushing my face into the rubber sheeting.

I have to confess to feeling sadness as I drove away for Sydney’s Domestic terminal.

Tuesday, January 27

Sweat It Out

It's really not a good idea to wear head to toe latex when it's nearly 40 degrees C outside. Forty five minutes after this picture was taken I poured a large amount of water out of red thigh high boots.

Flowers and Wine

I’ve been seeing a lot of men lately. Bad breath, ungroomed, metro sexual with sweeter scent than me, muscled, tanned, amorous, chatty and stand offish. And every single one has paid me for my time.

I’ve beaten men. I’ve butt fu*ked men with a strap-on. I’ve inserted my hand into places it shouldn’t be. I’ve helped a man pull on fishnet stockings. I’ve painted a man’s lips. I’ve tied a man by the wrists and ankles and slowly masturbated him until he’s cried for release. I’ve sweated out about 200ml of water while wearing latex on a really hot day. I’ve stroked strangers.

For the most part I’m enjoying myself. I’ve only had one client where I’ve found myself drifting off into my own little world and thinking about something (someone) else.

But I’m missing something. Whether it be the not-boyfriend or one of the many subs, vying for my attention.

I need to find just one person who wants me to accompany them to dinner. Talk about the rising sun while we drink fine wine over a three course feast. Maybe, even a walk along the beach. I know this sound awfully ‘nilla, but every girl needs just a little bit of romance.

Monday, January 12

Not so Quiet Day

I was in my tracksuit pants and a loose t-shirt at 3.30 yesterday afternoon and I just finished watching 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane' when the Batphone rang. The first time for the day. I'd been hoping for a day off, no work. Movies and a bit of house work at my leisure.

'Good Afternoon Mistress, do you think you could fit me in this afternoon?'

I thought about it for a few seconds, then said, 'Yes, 5pm'

One hour was agreed. I had spoken with this fella a couple of times before and as with most of my clients only knew his first name. J.

So I jumped in shower. As I dried off I stood in front of my wardrobe and considered which outfit to wear. He wanted Dominatrix. So leather bra, PVC corset, PVC skirt, stockings and black leather thigh high boots it was. I left my make up until last, just in case he changed his mind. Taking the outfit off is easy, the make-up requires effort to put on and remove.

When he arrived, he was good looking, tall and fit. Once again my boat had come in. I don't mind having fit naked men in my dungeon.

But I got a feeling he was a little drunk, although I couldn't smell anything on him except aftershave. We went through my questions and answers;

Do you have any medical conditions that might affect our play?
What sort of pain do you like? Then a list including clamps and spanking.

But as I had run out of check sheets I was going by memory. I forgot to ask the most important one (in this clients case), Will you obey quickly or fight back?

He was a fighter. Once I had him in my room, and cuffed he started swearing, trying to kick and telling me I was a fucking bitch and I didn't have control of him. To be honest it kinda freaked me out a bit. To stop his mouth running off I shoved a ball gag between his lips and pulled it tight. To stop his wild legs (which incidentally where rather nice) I bound him tight with rope, he was still struggling. I reminded him of the playroom rules, Red, Amber, Green.

He winked at me as I pulled the spandex hood over his head and grabbed his hair through the fabric.

I pulled his head back and whispered in his ear through gritted teeth.

'Now who's in control you slut?'

About forty minutes later he was laying flat on his back as I ground my heel into his nipples. He came by his own hand.

A glass of wine and cigarette (for him) later I put him in a taxi and sent him to work.

Sunday, January 11

Big Day

I had three appointments yesterday.

I greeted the first at the door wearing what looked like a business suit. He wanted to be abused by a Boss figure then make up his mistake by worshipping her body. I didn’t have a problem with that. He had a hot body, it wasn’t a chore at all. I thought to myself as he was knelt before me sliding his tongue up my leg and inhaling deeply, how can wives not enjoy this sort of play? When he got to excited I made him sit back on his haunches and relax. Then I’d let him start again. After he’d cum and gone. I realized I was very wet. That little session had left me very hot.

An hour later the second arrived. The polar opposite of the first body wise, this guy was about 250lb. He wanted to be bound, nipple torture, flogged and humiliated. So I starfished him on the bed, wrote all over him, clamped is nipples with clover clamps and his balls with pegs. He left happy, as least he told me he was.

The final guy was keen. His desires presented my biggest learning curve. Start with a clean out, followed by a butt plug, then strap-on then a fisting.

I’ve never fisted anyone before. I’ve read about it, a lot. I’ve been fisted and I’ve seen it done. But like anything there comes a time when you have to do it for the first time. There the point I reached yesterday. It was interesting.

The knuckles are such a wide point. The fingers go in with relative ease; the knuckles are wide, hard and unforgiving. Slow is the way forward until the body sucks in the rest of your hand and clutches your wrist.

It was an exhausting day that left me horny and resulted in me cuming in about 30 seconds when I went to bed and touched my mini vibe to my clit.